Quality Box

The QualityBox is a complete solution for hosting a MediaWiki installation similar to what is used to run Wikipedia. There are other options, like sudo apt-get install mediawiki. But that is just a starting point whereas QualityBox is the full endpoint. By leveraging the Ansible orchestration tool, QualityBox allows you to provision virtual machines locally (using Vagrant + VirtualBox) or in the cloud (e.g. Digital Ocean droplets). Whereas options like MediaWiki-Vagrant will allow you to quickly build a development instance, the Quality Box is optimized for production hosting of MediaWiki. For MediaWiki consultants, this turbo-charges your DevOps and Delivery. For organizations wishing to deploy MediaWiki, QualityBox eliminates the many hurdles along the way. QualityBox opens up the pathway to better support, training, integration or extension by the same people and organizations that develop QualityBox.

See INSTALL.md for installation

See https://freephile.github.io/qb/ for documentation

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